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Posted 1 year ago

Our client in health care is hiring a part-time/full-time pharmacist to be part of our team. The schedule is flexible.

Duties: Prescription dispensing, growth of prescriptions, loss prevention, and the provision of patient-focused services with a great attitude and willingness to learn every day.

Acknowledge all customers approaching the Pharmacy, offer assistance promptly and in a courteous and professional manner
Practice within federal/provincial, regulatory/legal requirements, provincial Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and Policies.
Demonstrating professional integrity and acting to uphold a high level of professional standard of practice.
Ensure all privacy requirements are met, including customer confidentiality and consent management.
Maintaining the dispensary inventory level within the prescribed guidelines through accurate perpetual inventory records.
Accurately and timely dispense all prescriptions. Provide counseling on prescriptions, over-the-counter/behind-the-counter products, and all health-related issues, including but not limited to indications, contra-indications, adverse effects, drug interactions, and dosage.
Practice to the full extent of expanded scope with Professional Services, within your capability.
Communicate with other health care professionals within the circle of care to provide optimal customer care.
Maintain all records required in accordance with legislation, standards of practice, and policy, i.e. customer records, narcotic and controlled drug records.
Administer injections/immunizations as requested in order to maximize patient care.
Familiar with dispensing MMT & SMT.
**Workflow and Inventory Management
Control access to the dispensary with respect to inventory and patient confidentiality
Review and maintain Workflow Queues on a daily basis
Review of stock to identify expired inventory
Oversight of current stock levels and medication orders from the wholesaler
Ensure all requirements for documentation and control of substances under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Regulations are met and reporting to Health Canada and regulatory bodies as necessary are completed
Ensure proper preparation, packaging, distribution, and storage of all inventory including those that require special handling and training.

Expected start date: ASAP

Schedule: Working Day Shifts during weekdays & Saturdays in rotation
Flexible Schedule
Benefits: Will be discussed with successful candidates


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  • Shubham kumar
    May 16, 2021 at 4:51 pm

    Is PEBC exam compulsory to get job in pharnaceutical industry.
    2.) I am graduated in b pharmacy and have experince as a production and IPQA in pharmaceutical industry. Now i want to settle in canada so which diploma i should prefer to get job in industry.

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