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Migrating to a new country can be extremely challenging. New immigrants usually have to deal with the hardships of finding their own way in a new country. This platform will assist newcomers to improve their quality of living from day one.

Newbee is a one-stop shop for immigrants, domestic citizens and families from abroad. We provide Immigration Services to help make the transition to Canada as seamless as possible, provide Housing for safe living as well as Employment to all of our Newbee clients. Everything we provide will present newcomers with the best possible opportunity to live their life to the fullest potential without the worries of feeling alone, confused or lost in a an unfamiliar setting. The purpose of Newbee is to serve as a platform that provides solutions to many of the challenges faced by people landing in a new country. 


Why choose Newbee Inc?

Founders of Newbee have been through obstacles while immigrating.  When transitioning to a new and foreign country we learned how scary and painful the process is on newcomers first hand.  Newbee is your family away from family; because simply put–Newbee cares for immigrants.  

What makes Newbee different?

Imagine coming to a new country with everything pre-arranged for you. We arrange means of transportation from the airport to your new place of living, offer affordable housing and arrange employment opportunities for you and your family. We have everything prepared and ready to make your transition as easy as possible! 

The purpose of this application will serve solutions of a lot of challenges faced by people landing to a new country by being the pathway towards their new life and making this transition as smooth as possible.


Newbee will help the candidate to find best best immigration consultant to find best possible solution for your immigration purpose.  


NewBee  will help the candidate to look for accommodation, which best suite
customer preffered area, budget and requirement in a best possible mann


NewBeeinc will now help Candidates to explore all kind of jobs within their comfort zone.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest services possible

Inderpal Singh


Michael Waithe


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